I’m a 25 year old juvenile/professional living in Washington, DC. As someone who likes to blow all his vacation time and money on a good trip every year, I realized it is very difficult to find good travel guides/videos that give the real flavor of various destinations or cater to my desire to find the best authentic locations for food/drink/exploration and meeting locals. Therefore, I am creating this blog to try to fill this void. This blog will not focus on tourist attractions and museums but will seek to give the reader an impression of neighborhoods of various cities etc to help them in planning their own trips.

If you are looking for a kid-friendly itinerary, fancy hotels or guided tours go somewhere else. If you want to know where to go to stuff your face with good food, drink until you are on the verge of belligerent, and get culturally acquainted with your destination, continue reading. This blog encompasses my personal experiences and recommendations. My goal is to someday  make this blog popular enough to support my ass to be able to travel as a job. Help me do that!


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